Non-Pressure Solar Collector
Evacuated Tube
Solar Collector
SolarMaster SNC series of evacuated tube solar collectors
are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
The design of the SNC solar collector is a culmination of nearly
15 years of feedback from installers and solar professionals all
over the world and aims to meet their requirements with the
following key features:
● Easy and Safety Packing design 
● Stainless Steel 304-2B or 316L for inner manifold
● Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel frames
● Extremely reliable inner manifold design, less soldering points
● All glass tubes have three absorb coatings with high heat efficiency
● Extreme High density Polyurethane Foam from Europe for            insulation layer
● UV stabilized components
● High wind load strength and High snow load strength
● Easy plug-in installation
SNC collectors are available in 15 to 50 tube sizes and have a number of options depending on the local market requirements.
Model SNCV-15 SNCV-20 SNCV-30 SNCH-40 SNCH-50
Lenghth 2030mm  3850mm
Width 1175mm 1550mm 2330mm 1550mm 1950mm
Collector Type Vertical Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal
Peak Output * 1019W 1339W 2021W 2678W 3342W
Aperture Area
1.41 m2
1.88 m2 2.82 m2 3.76 m2 4.70 m2
Gross Area 2.40 m2 3.17 m2 4.80 m2 6.34 m2 7.86 m2
*Calculated at midday (trans IAM = 1), G=1000W/m2, ∆T (tm-ta)=0, Location is in Jinxing, China
How It Works
The SNC solar collector is comprised of three main parts:
Evacuated Tube
Absorbs solar energy and converts it to usable heat.  Vacuum between the two glass layers insulates against heat loss.
Insulated box containing the stainless steel inner shell and with the extreme high density Polyurethane foam for keeping the hot water.  The header with well design for glass tubes plug into.
Mounting Frame
Strong and easy to install with various options to match different mounting methods.
Step 1: The absorber coating on the inner glass tube absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat. 
Step 2: The cold water inside the inner tubes be heated and become hot water even to steam. The new cold water will go down and hot water will go up automatically.
Step 3: A pump circulates water or heat transfer fluid through the manifold, carrying heat back to the storage tank.  Gradually throughout the day the tank is heated up.
Main Component
Materials & Specifications
Evacuated Tubes
Material: Borosilicate 3.3
Tube style: Twin wall all glass
Dimensions: ∅58mm outer tube; ∅47mm inner tube;  1.8m length, 1.65mm outer tube wall thickness
Solar Absorber Coating
Material: Graded AL/N on AL
Absorptance: >92% (AM1.5);
Emittance: <8% (80 C)
Vacuum: P<5x10-5 Pa;
Heat loss: <0.8W/(m2 C)
Outer Shell: Color Painted steel (standard) or Stainless Steel (optional) , 0.5mm thickness
Inner Shell: Stainless Steel 304-2B (standard) or 316L (optional) , 0.5mm thickness
Insulation Layer: Extreme High density Polyurethane Foam from Europe
Operating angle: 15-80 Degrees             
Startup temperature: 0 C Degrees
Rubber Components
Material: HTV Silicone Rubber (UV stabilized)
Mounting Frame
Material: Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel (standard) or Aluminum ally (optional)  or Stainless Steel (optional) 
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